A Success Story for Women

“La Cocina’s success has attracted nationwide attention and inspired other kitchen incubators across the globe. Its impact on the way we eat evolves every day, but even after a decade, everything still revolves around the vibrant La Cocina kitchen, the heart of the operation.

The San Francisco ChronicLE


Homestyle Mexican Comfort Food

“Dilsa Lugo presses a ball of masa between the palms of her hand, flattening it into a disk, then slides it onto a cast iron comal. She repeats the process a dozen more times, barely concentrating — her hands know the moves.”

The San Francisco Chronicle


Pozole Rojo Warms a Cold Winter's Day

“Instead of depriving yourself, ease into January with Veronica Salazar’s pozole rojo. A bowl of slowly simmered, chile-spiked broth with hominy, shredded pork and chicken meat, all topped with fresh condiments, is a warm way to welcome 2016.”

The San Francisco chronicle



Bitchin' Comer

"La Cocina is an enterprise that gives you hope for San Francisco's future as a city where culinary and economic diversity might yet thrive hand-in-hand, and after one meal at El Buen Comer, you will certainly wish Caudillo your best."



The Fastest Slow Food

“There is a reason El Pípila labels its chicken sopes its signature dish: The thick masa cakes are topped with refried beans and poached chicken with such depth of flavor you wonder where it all came from without the aid of MSG."

SF Gate


Amazing Empanadas

“This is a tale of killer empanadas and swoon-worthy alfajores. Trust me, one bite of those, and you too will sound like Meg Ryan in that famous “When Harry Met Sally” deli scene.

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