March 3-9, 2019
A Week of Women In Food is a 7-day dining experience of inspiring meals celebrating the voices, talent & food of 7 La Cocina-born chefs and in collaboration with 7 acclaimed Bay Area guest chefs. Their restaurants are the manifestations of dreams & their food, the flavors of lives lived. During the week of International Women's Day, we invite you to do more than just eat. We invite you to participate.


Special Thanks to Our previous and continued Sponsors & Collaborators

Not only has La Cocina been the most important food organization in San Francisco, but amid a changing landscape, it might also prove to be the key for San Francisco to remain San Francisco.
— The San Francisco Chronicle
La Cocina gives the artisanal chef a place to get started, and is a catalyst for a new generation.
— Andrea Bell
In fact, without even knowing it, many San Franciscans have probably stumbled upon the restaurants that La Cocina has helped launch.
— Thrillist
La Cocina is an enterprise that gives you hope for San Francisco’s future as a city where culinary and economic diversity might yet thrive hand-in-hand.
— SF Weekly